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Out of Hours

We are committed to ensure the well-being of your pet, also for out of hours emergencies

Out of Hours

Should your pet have an accident or fall ill outside of our opening hours, including weekend and bank holidays, our Vets now Partners can be contacted on 01978 448 876. 

We are committed to providing for the wellbeing of your pets 24 hours a day and with this in mind we have partnered with Vets Now. They provide the equivalent of an accident and emergency service and their vets are trained in accident and emergency medicine/surgery. 

Vets Now are a national company that provide Out of Hours service throughout the UK. We are classed as a Host practice for this company which means that they use our facilities to provide their service to the vet practices in the surrounding area. This means that our clients don’t have to travel to a new facility for their out of hours service. A vet and nurse start work at 6.30pm in the evening and then stay until we are back in the building the following morning at 8.30am. This means there is a fresh team that is trained in emergency medicine and surgery looking after your pet when we are not around.

We would remind you that Vets Now is a pet emergency service. For routine cases such as vaccinations and repeat prescriptions, please call us as you would normally, during our daytime opening hours.

Where to find us

Vets Now Wrexham,
Rhyd Broughton Vet Gp Ltd,
Gatewen Road,
LL11 6YA


Why have we chosen to partner with Vets Now?

By using vets now to cover our out of hour emergencies it e ables our vets and nurses to get a good rest at night and over the weekends so that we can continue to provide the high-quality care during the day that we pride ourselves on.


We know that your pets are part of the family and our priority is, and always will be, to ensure they have access to the very best care, no matter whether that is at 4am or half way through Christmas. Vets Now area leading provider of emergency out of hours care and are therefore allowing us to have your family member looked after as we would during the day.

What should I expect when I visit Vets Now?

When you arrive the practice doors will be locked but there is an out of hours doorbell labelled Vets Now that you should ring to alert the Vets Now team of your arrival.


Just like A&E, emergency work on pets is unpredictable and is difficult to schedule appointments. Emergency vets will always see and treat the sickest patients first. If there is going to be a significant delay before you pet is seen by the vet, a qualified vet nurse will perform a triage assessment to ensure the delay will not cause any risk. Likewise, if you have any concerns about your pet while waiting please speak to the receptionist or nurse- please don’t just sit and worry.

What happens when Vets Now close in the morning and my pet need further treatment?

Prior to Vets Now closing, the team will perform a clinical handover with one of our vets. This will include a discussion of all tests performed and medication given during the night. This will allow the Rhyd Broughton team to continue your pet’s treatment. Once this handover has been completed Vets Now will no longer be in charge of your pet’s treatment for the day. One of our vets will formulate a plan and call you to discuss this and how we are intending to continuing your pet’s treatment.

What does it cost to be seen by Vets Now?

All telephone advice provided by the Vets Now team id FREE. If they recommend that your pet is seen by the Vets Now team, a fee will apply for the consultation, as well as any medical or surgical treatment. This will be discussed with you at the time. Vets Now fees are not the same as ours, and theirs fees reflect staffing the clinic with the full team of vets/nurses and support staff who are all highly skilled and train to provide emergency and critical care out of hours.

Please see this article to learn more about how much it costs to run an emergency service

Are Vets Now fee covered by my pet insurance?

Vets Now fee should be covered in the same way as any other veterinary fees. However, please check the details of your policy with your provider as this may differ depending on your cover.

Vets now do apply an administration charge to all insurance claims processed by the clinics they will discuss this with you at the time. The fee is charged on all insurance claims both standard and direct. This fee covers the vets time collecting clinical notes, printing invoices, processing and posting insurance claims plus and related queries once submitted.

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