Full Feline Behaviour Questionnaire

Obtaining this information prior to meeting allows best use to be made of the consultation time. Please be as accurate as possible.

Pets Details


Have you owned a cat before?:

Have you owned this breed of cat before?:


Clients details

Present Household

Please list human household members, detailing age and involvement (play, groom) with the cat concerned
Please list breed, name, age, neutered/spayed and relationship (avoids, plays, fights).

The Current Problem

Is the problem getting:

Your Cat:

Which of the following best describes your cats personality, please tick all that apply:


Going Outside

Does your cat have access to a garden or yard?:

Is access controlled or free through a cat flap?:

How often do you see other cats in your garden?:

How far does he/she roam on average?:

Does your cat stay away from home for several days at a time?:

The Home Environment

How would you describe your home?:


Does the cat defend territory against other cats?:

Home Alone 


Elimination and marking (house soiling)

Does the cat use a litterbox?:

Does the cat use the litterbox for:

Does the cat bury its urine?:

Does your cat bury its faeces?:

Is there much digging and scratching in and around the litterbox?:

Does your cat ever eliminate outside the litterbox inside the house?:


Do you always use the same brand?:

Are there odour control granules added?:

Have you recently changed the litter material or cleaning solution used?:

How deep is the little level?:

Has there been a change in litter tray location?:

Has there been a change in litter type?:

Has there been a change in litter tray cleaning routine?:

If there HAS been a change to the litter tray cleaning routine is it cleaned:

Problem Details

Is the cat leaving faeces, urine or both outside the litterbox?:

If you answered yes to the above question then what type:

How often does this occur?:

If yes, please provide the details surrounding the incident

Number of spots/deposits

For example, moving house, new roommates, unusual noises, new work hours, addition of another pet, a new baby, food changes
What posture does the cat assume when urinating or spraying outside the tray?:

Where is the urine located?:

Are you the cats first owner?:

Does this cat interact with the other cats in the home?:

Does this cat fight with or avoid any of the other cats in the home?:

Security Question:

Terms & Information

A behaviour diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed during the consultation once information has been collected. A detailed report will then be emailed or posted in 1-2 weeks and a copy of the report will be sent to the referring veterinarian and attached to your clinical record. Support will be further provided by email or telephone, or external referral should it be deemed advisory. 

Pet behaviour therapy may produce results quickly, but it is often the case that time, commitment and consistency are required. The amount of progress made over time can vary according to the individual pet and owner compliance. Implementing the treatment plan always remains the caregiver’s responsibility, alongside responsibility for the pet’s welfare and behaviour.

The consultation fee includes, a report detailing the treatment plan, time spent on behalf of the behaviour clinician obtaining history, liaising with a veterinarian over diagnosis and processing the treatment plan and if required referral to external behaviourists. If follow up consultations should be required, an additional charge will be applied. This is because it is otherwise difficult for the clinician to assess the pet’s behaviour in full and because the behaviour diagnosis may have changed in the intervening period or other behaviours may develop in the diagnosis process. The consultation fee is payable at the time of the consultation.

Privacy Notice

IVC Rhyd Broughton Vets collects and processes personal information about you and your pet when you contact us for a behavioural service. This is essential for us to carry out the service effectively and fulfil our regulatory obligations. We use personal information collected for internal record keeping, and for passing onto a chosen external referral centre for corrective behaviour therapy. The choice of how much information you provide is always in your control, however, certain information may be required in order for us to provide a service. We will not distribute your personal information to third parties other than referring veterinarians unless we have your permission to do so or are required to by law or regulation.

Contact us and we will take the necessary steps subject to legal regulation - within 28 days of receipt.

By completing and returning this form, you are agreeing to the terms detailed above.

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