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  • Adolescent clinic
  • Behaviour correction clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Rhyd Broughton cattery
  • Routine clinics
  • Senior clinics
  • Weight management clinic

Adolescent clinic

Our adolescent clinics allow us to get to know your pet better, but more importantly it allows your pet to get to know the veterinary environment. This clinic was created for our nurses to provide you with information on the following topics: -

  • Neutering – when is the best time for your pet
  • Nutrition – and life stage diets
  • PHC information
  • Pet insurance
  • General health check
  • Body condition score – if age appropriate
  • Microchip implant/ checking microchip
  • Grooming advice
  • Overall preventative health care information 

Our nurses will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you and your pet through their adolescent stage of life and leading them into adulthood.

This package is free of charge to all clients

Contact the practice today and speak to one of our client care advisors or book an appointment

Behaviour correction clinics

We are providing pet behaviour clinics here at Rhyd Broughton with one of our nurses. Hannah is a registered veterinary nurse who has completed a Ncert/AnBeh/Tech certificate in small animal behaviour.

The process:

An initial 45-minute consultation where we will obtain your concerns and gather patient history to create a timeline to target any significant events that may be linked to behavioural changes that your pet is displaying. We will do an initial assessment of your pet’s body language at time of consult. Working with you, the caregiver, we can then further analyse your pets body language and reaction behaviour through video footage taken of your pet in their home comforts. These can then be emailed to the practice for analysis. We will also discuss safety tips, further information will be provided on both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intervention and how they can aid your pet through their behaviour correction journey, and how they can offer emotional and neurological support providing a holistic approach to treating your pet.

After receiving the video footage, a further discussion will be had via telephone consult informing you of a potential treatment plan, which will then be emailed or posted to you, for you to follow. You will then be invited to return to practice for a follow-up appointment which will last 30 minutes, this will include re-evaluation of progress and further advice and will be charged as an additional fee.

If, following the initial consultation, the decision is made to refer your pet to a behavioural specialist, then we will be able to assist you with this process.

Consultation content

  • Initial consultation to discuss concerns
  • History taking of the pet in question
  • Time line of events
  • House plan (specifically for inappropriate toileting or inter-house conflict)
  • Pheromone product discussion
  • Availability of complementary products 
  • Safety tips
  • Assisted external referral
  • Treatment plan in written form
  • Video footage analysis and evaluation
  • Veterinary prescribed behaviour modification medication (additional costs apply)

If you feel your pet is showing any of the below behavioural concerns then please contact the practice or make an appointment to see our behavioural nurse.

  • Interhousehold conflict
  • Separation related disorder
  • Possession behaviour
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Senior related cognitive dysfunction behaviour
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Lead walk training
  • Socialisation
  • Firework phobia vs fear
  • Generalised noise phobia

Please complete the relevant behavioural form online and email it to for the attention of Hannah.

Behaviour consult £ 85.00                                                 Follow up behaviour consult £ 45.00   

Dental Clinics

Rhyd Broughton nurses are available for dental clinic checks with your pet. Our veterinary surgeons will refer you on to one of our nurse clinics for support on preventative oral health care.

Our nurses will discuss the following with you during the consultation: -

  • Basic dental exam
  • Dental hygiene demonstration including brushing and use of products
  • Product availability – finding what is right for you and your pet
  • Oral imagery – to document your pets oral heath journey (images subject to patient compliance)
  • Diet discussion 


This will be offered as a package deal, which will include the above consultation and 2 additional dental checks, which can be used over a 1-year period.

If you think your pet would benefit from visiting one of our nurses for a dental clinic, then contact the practice today and speak to one of our client care advisors or book an appointment online.

Please complete our short dental questionnaire to help us provide an accurate dental plan for your pet. 

Full package £88.60       Rhyd Broughton package offer £68.30      Saving £20.30

Rhyd Broughton cattery

Our Rhyd Broughton cattery is a spacious establishment which houses 25 individual cat pens. Our pens are dual levelled with a ramp to the higher tier, allowing your cat to access the sleeping area for peace and solitude. The pens and cattery are supported by mildly textured floor tiles which makes for easy grip for cats with mobility issues.   

We have an extra-large pen that would be able to accommodate up to 3 cats comfortably. This may not always be available as it is popular with our multi cat household clients. Alternatively, our standard cat pens will house 1-2 cats comfortably.

The cattery itself possesses both artificial and natural lighting with central heating and air conditioning to provide a comfortable environment throughout the year. It is protected by a fire alarm, and we have CCTV on the premises.

Rhyd Broughton Vets is a cat friendly practice and has been awarded a silver accreditation by the ISFM in recognition of this. We have pheromone therapy plug-ins throughout the cattery aiding your cats in managing their stress levels while in the cattery environment. We minimise stress naturally by providing hiding places, allowing pets to bring their own bed or bedding and toys or comforts from home. 

All our staff are trained in cat handling and recognising cat behaviour to ensure we adapt our handling and interaction techniques to suit your pet.

Our Cattery is based on our veterinary practice grounds which means there are vets and nurses on site should your pet require any additional medical care. If your cat possesses a medical condition that requires medication to be provided, we have trained staff on site to administer the treatment they need.

The cattery has ramp access should that be required when leaving your feline companion in our care. We accept both long and short stay bookings and can take bookings at short notice, depending on cat pen availability.

If you are requiring the use of our cattery, please contact the practice and speak to one of our animal care advisors who will support you through the booking process. 

Routine clinics

Here at Rhyd Broughton our nurses are able to offer a wide range of appointments to suit the needs of you and your pets. The consultations are provided Monday to Friday from 9am to 12noon and afternoon appointments from 3pm to 6pm. Our aim is to assist and guide you and your pet through preventative health care measures, whilst building up a nurse - client relationship alongside our veterinary surgeons and provide an equable service.

We also run seasonal and promotional clinics throughout the year which targets species awareness health checks, parasite control, ocular health including the nurses themselves, promoting their skills and clinic availability. These will be advertised on our social media platforms and here in practice.

The routine clinics will include:

  • Clip nails
  • Express anal sacs
  • Clean and pluck ears including ear cytology if required
  • Urine analysis and in-house testing
  • Blood sampling
  • Bandage change and application
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Parasite prevention consultation
  • Intra ocular pressure test
  • Immunotherapy injections
  • Pain relieving osteoarthritis injections – referred via initial consultation from a veterinary surgeon
  • Small animal checks including Rabbits and Guinea pigs

Seasonal and promotional awareness clinics include:

  • Guinea pig awareness
  • Rabbit awareness
  • Harvest mite treatment
  • Eye health
  • Dental awareness month  

If you feel you pet requires the use of one or more of our nurse clinics please contact the practice and speak to one of our animal care advisors to assist you with your booking or alternatively you can book online at

Senior clinics

Rhyd Broughton nurses are providing senior clinics to help support you and your ageing companion through their mature life stage. This 45-minute consultation will contain the following elements to help us build a picture of your pets’ health.

  • Health discussion (based around our senior pet questionnaire)
  • Full general health examination
  • Basic urine analysis test
  • Body condition score
  • Muscle mass assessment
  • Schirmer tear test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Nail clip
  • Paw trim to aid grip and mobility
  • Cognitive dysfunction test
  • Standard blood test including T4 (thyroid levels)

This will be offered as a package deal to all clients. Individually these services can be provided and completed by our clinical nurses. Following this consultation, we may advise you see one of our veterinary surgeons for further health care advice and investigation, this will be charged at an additional cost of a consultation fee plus further treatment and testing if required.

Full package cost = £348.75        Rhyd Broughton package offer £158.75       Saving £190

Please complete our short senior questionnaire to help us obtain a basic understanding of your pets.

Weight management clinic

Here at Rhyd Broughton, our weight clinics are designed with you and your pet in mind. Our nurses will work alongside you in supporting your pet to reach their ideal weight.

 The consult includes

  • Tailor made nutritional plan
  • Body condition score
  • Progress pictures – to document the weight loss/gain journey
  • Body measurements
  • Exercise plan
  • Mobility plan

We will be offering this as a package deal, where you will receive all of the above content in the initial consultation and an additional 4 follow up consults,  making this a Buy 3 Get One Free deal.  How frequently these consults should be used over the course of 12 months will be advised by your clinical nurse.

Full Package Cost £144.47         Rhyd Broughton package offer = £94.47                  Saving £50.00

Our vets can refer you on to our nurses or, if you feel you need help and support, you can contact the practice and speak to one of our client care advisors or book an appointment online.

Please complete our short weight management questionnaires to help us provide an accurate weight plan for your pet.

Feline Urination

Feline Urination

Feline Behaviour assessment - Inappropriate urination

Feline Behaviour

Feline Behaviour

Feline misdirected predatory behaviour questionnaire

Full Feline behaviour

Full Feline behaviour

Full feline behaviour questionnaire



Canine Behaviour Questionnaire

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