Pet Memorial

A place to remember some of our much-loved patients



Scout, you were my constant shadow and best friend throughout good times and bad, challenges and fun times, old and new experiences.
You loved everyone, and everyone loved you, I loved you beyond words.
You particularly loved having your photograph taken, and showing off your various tricks.

You were my first hello, and my hardest goodbye, you were ready, but my heart was not.
Until we meet again pups, my once in a lifetime dog.



Miss him everyday, loved showing, most of all sitting in window pretending he was asleep and then bark at passers-by making them jump.

A very special Beagle ❤️ 

Jayne Clays 

You have so many wonderful memories of your pets and when you have lost them you want to remember all the happy times you’ve shared.  

At Rhyd Broughton, we welcome you to add your beloved pet to our memorial page and share your memories  

Please email your memorial to  

For information and help about bereavement and losing a beloved pet please see our information on when its time to say goodbye HERE


They've been with you and by your side 

a constant support and emotional guide

Adventures taken and journeys made
over time memories may fade

A friend, a family member without a single word
listening and understanding every sound heard

Loyal and spirited, mischievous and content
Our time together joyfully spent

Time has passed this much is true and all that is left is to whisper Thank you

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